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C60 in olive oil and Hydrogen Water

… are two of the most powerful known products in the field of health and life-extension. They clean up toxins and help tissue to regenerate, like no other. This is why C60 and Hydrogen water are the main components in our product range.

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We only work with the highest quality suppliers, that have built a strong reputation in the field over a number of years. In this way we guarantee the highest quality, freshness and absolute safety of our products.

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Shop quality natural health and life extension essentials, with non toxic ingredients and eco friendly packaging.

Life extension with C60 in olive oil and Hydrogen Water

Our vision is simple: aims to offer the most innovative products in the field of health and life extension to the European market. Because we continuously search for new information, our knowledge keeps growing. Our product range is based on this knowledge.

Premature aging largely appears to be associated with oxidative stress, acidification and accumulation of toxins. This is largely due to low-quality food, poor living habits and everyday stress.

Our products help you live a longer, healthier and more vital life. They are carefully selected and offer the most advanced methods to protect your health.

C60 in olive oil, hydrogen water and the other products in our range have a long history of research and use. But more importantly, we at thoroughly use and test all our products ourselves. This way you can be confident that they are safe and do what they are intended for.


Read what some of our customers are saying about our products.

“It has been a while ago, but I just wanted to let you know that I have positive experience with the use of C60. As I told you 2.5 month ago, we started with 3 people.

One older person uses C60 incidentally and does not notice any advantages or disadvantages. Another older person uses a large teaspoon every day, has no more nerve pain in the back. The nerve pain that had been there for months actually disappeared in the first few weeks. He also has more energy and he feels fitter. He experiences no side effects with regard to sleeping.

I use a teaspoon every morning after breakfast. I experience a fitter feeling, have not been sick. Small pains that I always had (back) have disappeared. I did suffer from worse sleep for a while, but now this has disappeared. Last month I also started massaging C60 on scars every day and what’s funny is that those scars on the skin are diminishing. One bottle lasts me a long time :)”

H. Westerweele

Vlissingen, december 2019

“Wow this product is immense! I can’t believe how fantastic it is, it’s improved my life in so many ways. I have increased energy and more motivation, I am able to do so much more on C60 Coconut/MCT Oil from Carbon60oliveoilUK.

Instead of feeling fatigued all day, every day I am energised, sleeping better and waking up feeling like I’m ready to start the day, where as before I struggled to get out of bed. My mental clarity has improved, my ability to deal with every day stress has improved too.

The biggest benefit by far which is massive for me: the pain I experience every day is almost non-existent, and I’m able to do so much more. I have Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), so I can’t recommend this product enough to anyone suffering with muscular dystrophy, it truly provides amazing results.”

T. M.

Peterborough, juli 2019

“I have been drinking H2-rich water for a few weeks now. So far I don’t feel any drastic changes in my physical functioning. I do prefer the taste over that of tap water. And I have the feeling that I am sleeping deeper and I experience more clarity.

The following may sound vague: I see more clarity in my eyes in the mirror, I make choices faster and more easily, I am more “in my power”. And in the studies I read about the effect of H2 on health, it appears that it has a very good effect on overall health, which becomes more apparent after prolonged use.

I will therefore continue to drink H2 water daily. And definitely recommend this product and this webshop!”

I. Lamberts

Groningen, mei 2019

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We provide the following services to offer you the best possible experience:

Eco friendly

Our product range is almost completely vegan and our devices are designed to withstand years of use.


We ship througout the EU with DHL for € 7,95 (shipping may vary with parcel weight).

Fast delivery

We strive to have your parcel delivered as quickly as possible. We ship within 24 hours on working days.

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In our blog we share news and interesting developments in the field of health and life extension. We also share developments in our web shop, such as new products and promotions.

C60 in olive oil from back to old price level!

C60 in olive oil from back to old price level!

Elvin de Regt, founder A lot has happened in the world of C60 over the course of 2019. Many new suppliers and resellers have emerged, which means that there is much more competition than when we started back in 2017. The market is turbulent and we...

New supplier of C60 in olive oil

New supplier of C60 in olive oil

Elvin de Regt, founder Dear customer, Many things have happened since our last post, and I would like to update you on the situation of your supply of trusted, high quality C60 AND our new English-language website! New website

Important notice about C60 in olive oil

Important notice about C60 in olive oil

Elvin de Regt, founder We are experiencing hectic times in the world of C60. The highest “research grade” quality is wanted to such a degree, that the manufacturers currently cannot meet the demand. This has caused a recent spike in price of C60 in...

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