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Find out why we’re so fascinated by life extension with C60 and hydrogen water.

Life-extension with the help of C60 in olive oil and hydrogen water

DNActivation.com – a small start-up specialized in innovative products in the field of health and life-extension – was founded in 2018 by world traveler and graduated water engineer Elvin de Regt, and is located on the south coast of the Netherlands.

In recent years we have come into contact with various interesting concepts in the field of health and life-extension. Antioxidants seem to play a key role. One of the most promising of these is C60 in olive oil from carbon60oliveoil.com. The other is Hydrogen water, generated through a device, or an effervescent tablet.

We have extensively researched these products and have become so enthusiastic that we now offer it to the European market ourselves. And with success: due to our excellent service and products at competitive prices, we have built up an international clientele with whom we, in many cases, maintain a pleasant, personal contact.

Our Promise to You

As a company, we both want to contribute to a better world, and offer you the best quality products for the best price.



We use natural and recycled materials as much as possible, and we drop off the parcels by foot or bycicle.


Social awareness

We donate a percentage of our revenue to charities such as the sea-turtle conservancy.


High Quality

The products that we sell are of the highest quality that can be found on today’s market.


Always Fresh

We make sure that we receive fresh supply of products on a regular basis.

Reduce stress
Boost happiness

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DNActivation.com offers carefully selected health and life-extension products of premium quality, such as C60 in olive oil and hydrogen water. Nextgene.nl is our Dutch website.

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