C60 in olive oil from Carbon60oliveoil.com back to old price level!

Elvin de Regt, founder Dnactivation.com

 A lot has happened in the world of C60 over the course of 2019. Many new suppliers and resellers have emerged, which means that there is much more competition than when we started back in 2017. The market is turbulent and we have really taken notice in the past year.


One of the most dramatic events was the sudden raise in price of 99,99% pure C60 powder. This prompted our main supplier, Carbon60oliveoil.com, to suddenly double their prices. We immediately had to find an alternative product of similar quality, that we could still sell at a normal price. We decided it had to be SES-research and started selling their product.


Ses-research is the company that has been manufacturing the 99.99% pure C60 powder since the early 1990s.

All credible manufacturers of C60 in olive oil use their C60 powder. SES-research make C60 in olive oil too, but in the only third party test ever conducted, the C60 in olive oil of SES did not reach the 0,8mg/ ml saturation level. Carbon60oliveoil.com’s did. Conclusion: SES are masters at making C60 powder, but Carbon60oliveoil.com are better at making C60 in olive oil.

We are very pleased that Carbon60oliveoil.com have managed to get their prices back to slightly above the normal price that you were used to. Therefore we now fully focus on their C60 in olive oil again as our number one brand, and will stop selling SES’s C60 in olive oil.

Knee surgery

I would like to end on a personal note. This week I have undergone surgery on the front cruciate ligament of my right knee, that torn off when playing football. I’ve watched and listened to the surgery while it was happening, which was an unusual experience. Now I’m on crutches for 4 weeks, before I can start walking normally again. I’m eating a healthy diet, do my exercises, take a daily walk and take enough rest. I also take small sips of C60 in olive oil and drink H2 water throughout the day. Let’s see if I can recover more quickly than the 9 months that normally stand for it.