C60: a third form of carbon?

For centuries, only two forms of carbon were known: the soft, black and conductive graphite, and the hard, transparent and insulating diamond. In 1985, however, a new form of carbon was discovered, which had a remarkable structure. This form of carbon consisted of hexagons and pentagons of 60 carbon atoms, merged into a completely round shape: C60.

The C60 molecule

The researchers observed the remarkable properties of C60, such as the geometric structure, the resistance to radioactivity and the behavior as a molecular ball bearing. They provided endless possibilities, especially in the field of semiconductors, industrial lubricants and batteries.

C60 and life extension

In 2012, at the Université Paris-Sud 11, a study was conducted on rats, to determine the toxicity of the C60 molecule. C60 molecules were mixed with olive oil, using a specific process. This creates ‘lipofullerenes’, fat dissolved C60 molecules that are well absorbed by organisms. The first group were given only olive oil, the second group received a mixture of C60 and olive oil, and a third control group were given nothing besides their normal food and drink. The researchers were amazed by the results of this research. The rats that got C60 in olive oil did not die faster, on the contrary, they lived twice as long on average. One rat lived nearly three times longer! Fathi Moussa, the main researcher, published his research report in 2012. The conclusion was that C60 is non-toxic, and that C60 in olive oil had a strong life-extending effect on the rats in the study.

C60 in olive oil research on people

Immediately after the release of Professor Moussa’s report, the first laboratory (Tom Martin of carbon60oliveoil, our supplier) began reproducing the C60 in olive oil, exactly according to the research. People around the world started testing C60 in olive oil by themselves. These experiments, which have been underway for about 6 years now, reveal more and more benefits of using C60 in olive oil, mainly in the area of life extension. But how exactly does C60 in olive oil work? For this, we first have to discuss a number of important processes in the body.

Free radicals and oxidative stress

Free radicals are unstable, reactive particles that cause damage to the DNA, proteins and a variety of other molecules. This is called oxidative stress. It has been established that sustained oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation in the body. This in turn can lead to chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes and all kinds of cardiovascular, neurological and pulmonary disorders.

Free radicals are an (undesirable and unavoidable) by-product of cellular metabolism and respiration (oxygen radicals). Other important sources of free radicals are smoking, the inhalation of polluted air, alcohol consumption, (modified) food additives, pesticides and other toxins, and stress. The elimination of these free radicals seems to be the most important in the prevention of most chronic diseases and premature aging.


Free radicals can be captured by so-called antioxidants. By consuming foods rich in antioxidants, inflammation and cellular damage are reduced, improving overall health and delaying the aging process. Examples of strong anti-oxidants are vitamin E, vitamin A, resveratrol (from red wine), vitamin C, hydrogen (H2) and C60. C60 in olive oil appears to be a very powerful antioxidant, 172 times stronger than vitamin C!

While using C60 in olive oil, a number of very promising results are reported:

It can help with life-extension
It protects against free radicals
It works anti-inflammatory
It protects the nerves
It gives more energy
Some people report that they sleep better and think more clearly. C60 also promises good results in diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Why is C60 in olive oil so special as antioxidant?

C60 in olive oil has some special properties, making it a super-antioxidant. C60 with (olive) oil as carrier exchanges electrons with free radicals. It can donate electrons to free radicals that have a shortage, and accept electrons from free radicals that have a surplus. What’s special about C60 in olive oil (or avocado oil) is, that it stays in the body for 24 to 36 hours to exchange electrons with free radicals, WITHOUT it becoming unstable or changing its own structure. This is why it is also said that C60 in olive oil is a recyclable antioxidant. Herein lies the greatest strength of C60 in olive oil . Some studies suggest that C60 in olive oil can cross the blood-brain barrier. This links the efficacy of C60 in olive oil with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.