New supplier of C60 in olive oil

Elvin de Regt, founder

Dear customer,

Many things have happened since our last post, and I would like to update you on the situation of your supply of trusted, high quality C60 AND our new English-language website!

New website

Albeit a little bit overshadowed by the vicissitudes with our C60 in olive oil, I am very happy to announce that finally, finally, after a lot of hard work, we have launched the new, english-language website for our international customers! We think that we have done a great job, and we invite you to take a look, and give us some love and encouragement (or critique if you feel that somethings missing or a bit off). We hope you love it! We’d like to celebrate this happy event by offering you the possibility of a 10% discount. Please give us a review on google, or by email, let us know you did it and we give you a code for 10% discount.

New supplier of C60 in olive oil

A while ago we sent out a message to inform you about the drastic price-increase of C60 in olive oil from our favourite supplier and manufacturer This meant that we had to act quickly and look for a viable alternative. This is not an easy task, for the following reasons:

1. Unlike many other shops, that do not disclose the origin of their C60 in olive oil, we will only work with the most reputable and trusted manufacturers in the world. These are companies that publish video’s and interviews on Youtube, where they prove their knowlegde and quality. This is very important because there are a lot of scammers on the market.
2. We want the price to be similar to the price of 100ml C60 in olive oil that you are used to buying with us.
3. The most reputable manufacturers present a set of demands that distributors have to meet, which tells them that we (the distributor) are a serious company.

Taking these points into account, we are happy to announce that we have realized a distributorship with a very good and reputable manufacturer, that has been in the business since 1991. This very company produces the highest, most trusted quality raw C60 powder, that every serious manufacturer uses to produce their C60 in olive oil (and/ or avocado, coconut oil). And they themselves also produce C60 in high quality olive oil, which we will start selling in the EU.
Their name is SES research. They are a research facility and manufacturing company in Houston, Texas. Their informative video’s can be found all over the internet, and they have been a driving force in C60 research since the very beginning. Here are a few facts about SES research:

-SES research is the number 1, most trusted and most reputable manufacturer of raw C60 powder since 1991, which all the trustworthy producers of C60 in olive oil, use to make their product.
-SES research releases lots of very informative video’s on C60 and the actualities in the market.
-In the original BAATI rat study from 2012, raw C60 powder of SES research was used.
-Since SES research produces their own raw C60 powder, it is less likely that they will suddenly have to raise their prices dramatically (this, however, cannot be guaranteed).

Price of C60 in olive oil SES Research

We are very happy to add C60 in olive oil of SES research to our product range. This product is of the same quality as, but because SES research has not (yet) had to raise their prices, we can offer it for a price similar to our old price. SES research has strict conditions on the minimum price a disctributor has to charge for a bottle of C60 in olive oil. The price of 100ml SES research original grade C60 in olive oil will be 56 Euro per bottle, 54 Euro per bottle (3+ bottles), 52 Euro per bottle (5+ bottles).

We realize that we are now slightly more expensive than we used to be. We will never take any risks, however, for a somewhat cheaper price, and we don’t recommend that our customers do so either. We therefore happily recommend you to try out the C60 in olive oil of our new partner SES research.

The team