150ml C60 in coconut oil/ MCT oil



  • 5 pieces or more: € 49
  • 10 pieces or more: € 47
  • 99,99% pure C60 from SES research
  • Organic coconut oil from Sri Lanka and virgin MCT oil (C8: C10)
  • 0.9 mg C60 dissolved in a blend of 150 ml coconut oil/ MCT oil
  • C60 is a super-antioxidant and protects against free radicals
  • According to certain studies more than 100-200x stronger than vitamin C
  • Short supply line: fresh stock from the UK on a weekly basis
  • Contains 150ml, 7,5ml per dose (instead of 5mg!). Shake well before use!


C60 (Carbon60) is a molecule of sixty carbon atoms that are formed in a football-like shape. Thanks to these unique properties, unstable particles stick to it. Free radicals are very unstable (and harmful!) particles, Therefore C60 in olive oil is very good at removing these free radicals.

C60 in coconut oil/ MCT oil

Not everyone tolerates olive oil very well. Animals often find the taste too strong. That is why manufacturers have looked for alternatives. Our British supplier of Joyful Greek and Blissful Italian has developed this unique blend of 99.99% C60 from SES-Research and coconut oil/ MCT oil (80/20%).

Our research grade 99.99% C60 in MCT/ coconut oil from the UK has a number of important positive properties:

  • Manufactured with 99.99% “research grade” C60 from SES-Research
  • With virgin MCT oil, which is known to be very healthy and suitable for the KETO diet
  • With organic virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka
  • 0.9 mg C60 dissolved in 150 ml oil in the proportions: 80% coconut oil, 20% MCT oil
  • Produced by the most reputable manufacturer in the UK
  • Robust and ecologically packaged in extra dark bottles for protection against light and damage
  • C60 is a super antioxidant. It protects against free radicals. Said to be 100-200x stronger than vitamin C
  • Can prolong life, work anti-inflammatory, protect nerves, give more energy and many other benefits
  • Weekly fresh stock from the UK. Because the UK is very near to us, our supply line is short and we have regular direct contact with the producer

Production process

This producer has experimented a lot with finding the ideal way to produce the perfect 0.8 mg/ ml C60 in oil. Based on these experiments, they have set some important priorities for the process, which differ slightly from other reputable producers. The first priority is the quality of the oil. Organic, virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka (80%) and virgin MCT oil (20%) are used for this variant.

Another priority is that the process takes place in complete darkness, to ensure minimal light exposure during every step of the process. This is very important because the C60 molecules respond to light, making them less effective and possibly harmful. The third priority is to ensure that the C60 and the oil are not exposed to oxygen.

Larger bottles

It has proved impossible to dissolve 0.8 mg C60 in 100 ml of coconut oil (with MCT oil). This is because this oil has a lower viscosity than, for example, olive oil. This makes the C60 dissolve less easily. That is why a 0.9 mg C60 in 150 ml solution has been chosen. With 7.5 ml per dose this equals 20 doses.

Reliable quality

Only reputable producers

We are committed to offering only the highest quality C60 produced by the most trusted and reputable manufacturers in the world. Unlike many of our competitors, who put their own label on their bottles, we only sell original bottles from the manufacturer, and we are completely transparent about the origin of our products. One of our most important criteria for determining whether a supplier is reliable or not is the fact that they can be found on the internet and/ or in the media. Our suppliers have an active YouTube channel, give interviews on renowned channels such as Sarah Westall and/ or can be found in other media such as magazines, articles, etc.


Although C60oliveoilUK, the producer of our no.1, no.2 and no.3, has not been around as long as some of the other players, they have appeared in various health publications in the UK and are very driven to do more research in collaboration with doctors, and help raise awareness of C60. It is a great company that brings a lot of mojo to the C60 community.

While unpacking the box, it is immediately clear that this is a very professional and dedicated company. The bottle is securely packaged in a tight fitting box, sealed with a safety label. The box contains the sealed bottle, with a clear label with the correct information. All in all an excellent first impression. Naturally, Carbon60oliveoiluk uses high-quality ingredients, such as 99.99% C60 powder from SES-research, and organic, top-segment oils. They have a high-tech laboratory where they produce C60 products in a very time-consuming and costly way, to ensure you have the best quality product.

Health effects

The original Baati/ Paris study shows that rats almost live twice as long when given C60 in olive oil, possibly because this prevents cancer and/ or infectious diseases. Other studies indicate a strong improvement in brain functionality in mice. Powerful effects are observed on humans, but these have not yet been scientifically established. Users report various effects of C60 in olive oil and other oils such as coconut oil and MCT oil, including:

  • Very strong anti-oxidant, helps prevent cells from being damaged by free radicals
  • Associated with life extension
  • More energy
  • Less sleep needed, better rested
  • Calmer nervous system, less stress
  • Higher libido
  • More youthful, elastic skin
  • Heavier lifting during strength training
  • More repetitions per weight during strength training
  • Jog / run longer and faster
  • Faster and better recovery after exposure to UV radiation


Due to the low viscosity of coconut oil, it is impossible to dissolve 0.8 mg of C60 in 100 ml of coconut oil (with MCT oil). That is why 0.9 mg of C60 in 150 ml has been chosen. The dosage of this variant is ± 7.5 ml per dose (instead of the ± 5 ml for C60 in olive oil) which amounts to 20 doses.


In a cool, dark place, an unopened bottle of C60 in coconut oil/ MCT oil can be stored for up to two years. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures (higher than room temperature), or exposure to light can shorten this period by a few months. Once opened, we recommend using within 60 days for best quality.

This variant must not be stored in the refrigerator.


Will Carbon 60 help with or cure my disease/ailment? What are the health benefits?
While the original University of Paris study yielded very exciting results regarding overall health and longevity, C60 is still in the early research phase – particularly regarding its effect on human health. Anecdotal evidence so far is very promising when it comes to many different aspects of health and vitality, but the long term evidence will take quite some time to gather and analyse, eventually leading to larger scale controlled studies. We appreciate your feedback during this phase of scientific discovery, as every bit of data collected will help guide the research where it’s most useful.

How much should I take?
Based on customer feedback, we suggest starting with one teaspoon per day (approx. 5 ml), with food, but before 6pm.

How is your price determined?
It is our mission to provide the very best, fully saturated C60 in olive oil, delivered quickly, at a fair price. To achieve this goal, our suppliers use top quality research grade C60 and the best organic oil available, as well as extremely robust packaging and Priority Mail shipment. Maintaining these standards is expensive, but we and our suppliers balance this by running an efficient operation. This keeps costs as low as possible, and allows for passing those savings along to our customers.

How fresh is your oil?
Based on the regular pace of shipping and production, the average bottle of oil is shipped within three days of completing the two week mixing process. At Dnactivation.com, the bottles are sold within 2 weeks on average.

How long will it keep?
When stored properly (kept in a cool, dark place), an unopened bottle of C60 in olive oil has a shelf life of up to two years. Once opened, we recommend using within 30-60 days for maximum quality. To keep the oils consistency, do not store in the fridge.

How should I store the oil?
To protect the product from degradation, we recommend storing the oil in a place where it is protected from both heat and light, such as a cupboard away from the stove or any other heat generating appliances. Do not refrigerate or freeze. While refrigeration or freezing is harmless, chilling the oil to this degree will cause it to congeal in an unappealing way. If this happens, simply bring the oil back to room temperature and it will return to its normal consistency.

What’s the difference between research grade and industrial C60?
All our suppliers use ultra-pure or Sublimed 99.99% solvent free grade of C60, otherwise known as biomedical research grade. Solvents (primarily one called Toluene) are used in the manufacturing process of most C60, however, in research grade C60 they are completely removed to undetectable levels through further processing (vacuum oven drying, specifically). Industrial grade C60, which many companies use because it is much cheaper, still contains Toluene or other solvents, as well as potentially dangerous levels of other nanoparticles. This grade is meant to be used as an industrial lubricant, and is unfit for human consumption.

What does raw Carbon 60 taste like? What does Carbon 60 olive oil taste like?
Raw C60 initially has a flavour similar to charcoal, C60 in Olive Oil has by a mild peppery taste that lingers for some time. Because our oil is fully saturated, and coupled with the already peppery taste of our high quality extra virgin olive oil, it can be a little intense on more sensitive palates. For this reason, many people choose to take the oil by dipping a bit of bread or drizzling on a salad.