C60 in Avocado Oil 60ml



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  • Highest quality avocado oil with research grade C60
  • Animals tend to prefer the taste of avocado oil over olive oil
  • C60 in avocado oil is a superantioxidant and protects against free radicals
  • According to certain studies more than 100-200x stronger than vitamin C
  • Produced by (former) NASA scientists
  • Regular fresh stock from the USA


C60 (carbon 60, fullerene, buckyball) is a molecule of sixty carbon atoms, linked together in the form of a football. Because it is made of carbon atoms that are chemically inactive, and are connected to each other in perfect symmetry, other, unstable compounds tend to stick to it. Free radicals are very unstable molecules, therefore C60 is very good at clearing free radicals.

Many people find the taste of avocado oil more pleasant than that of olive oil. Avocado oil itself also has the necessary health benefits. It is also absorbed a bit better into the skin. Many (domestic) animals do not like the taste of olive oil. If you want to give your pet C60, avocado oil often offers a good alternative. Experiences of many users worldwide shows that C60 works well in different types of oil. We have chosen to offer C60 in avocado oil from Live Longer Labs.

Frequency technology

Live Longer Labs applies frequency/ photon/ electromagnetic technology to its products. You can learn more about this by listening to interviews with Max Champie on Youtube.