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  • Top quality olive oil and 99,99% pure C60 from SES research
  • Fully saturated 0.8 mg/ ml C60 in olive oil solution
  • C60 in olive oil is a super-antioxidant and protects against free radicals
  • According to certain studies more than 100-200x stronger than vitamin C
  • SES research is the most reputable manufacturer of raw 99,99% C60 powder!
  • SES research took part in the original BAATI rat study in 2012
  • Weekly fresh stock from the USA


C60 (carbon 60, fullerene, buckyball) is a molecule of sixty carbon atoms, which are linked together in the form of a football. Because it is made of carbon atoms that are chemically inactive and connected in perfect symmetry, other unstable compounds stick to it. Free radicals are very unstable molecules, therefore C60 molecules in olive oil are very good at clearing free radicals. Research shows that C60 in olive oil can have strong life-extention effects. An increase of up to 90% in life expectancy has been observed in rats. C60 in olive oil would therefore be one of the most important discoveries in the field of life-extension. Our research grade 99,99% C60 in olive oil has a number of important advantages:

  • Top quality olive oil and “research grade” C60 with bright, red color
  • Proven fully saturated 0.8 mg/ ml C60 in olive oil solution
  • Produced by the most reputable manufacturer of raw C60 powder, that took part in the original BAATI rat study in 2012!
  • Robust and ecologically packed in extra dark bottles for protection against light and damage
  • C60 in olive oil is a super-antioxidant. It protects against free radicals. In some cases it is mentioned more than 100-200x stronger than vitamin C
  • Can promote life-extension, can work anti-inflammatory, can protect the nerves, can give more energy, and many other benefits
  • Weekly fresh stock from the USA

Manufacturing process

Together with the ingredients used, the production process forms the basis of the quality of the C60 in olive oil. For safety and quality reasons, it is of the utmost importance that only the highest quality ingredients are used, and all steps are followed and timed exactly right. Five grams of C60 (6 times the maximum soluble amount!) must be mixed for two weeks under controlled conditions, with one liter of olive oil (or a ratio of this). Then the unsolved C60 is removed, the oil is filtered and filled into special vials. Our suppliers guarantee a fully saturated 0.8 mg/ ml C60 in olive oil solution, proven and consistent, by exactly following the original Baati process:

  • Five grams of C60 (6x the maximum soluble amount) per liter of olive oil
  • Mix for two weeks in complete darkness
  • Remove the undissolved C60 by means of centrifuge
  • The clear, C60-saturated olive oil is filtered through a 0.22 micron filter
  • This sterile, fully saturated solution is then filled into specially designed protective bottles

The packaging is extremely robust to prevent damage, and is in conformity with international standard for shipping liquids in glass.

Trusted quality

Producing reliable C60 in superior quality olive oil is a time-consuming and costly process. Unfortunately, many producers try to save time and money by using cheap, untested C60, and simply mixing 8 grams in a liter of oil. Some companies skip sterile filtration, use unproven mixing methods (such as sonic mixers), or stop the mixing process as soon as the mixture changes color (about halfway through the required time for full saturation). But the process is not that simple. These practices create an inferior or even dangerous product. They undermine the community, and the investigation into C60 in olive oil, in accordance with the Baati study. Consumers are exposed to potentially toxic substances, and this is a very bad thing.

We are committed to offer only the highest quality C60, produced by the most trusted and reputable manufacturers in the world. Unlike many of our competitors, who put their own label on their bottles, and do not disclose where their product comes from, we only sell manufacturer original bottles. SES research is the most reputable manufacturer of raw 99,99% C60 powder in the world, and was founded in 1991. Their informative video’s can be found all over the internet. They provided the raw C60 powder for the original BAATI rat study, where the longevity benefits of C60 were first discovered. Raw C60 powder of SES research is used by the most trusted companies that produce C60 in olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil, such as carbon60oliveoil.com (known of Sarah Westall podcast on Youtube) and C60 purple power (known of The C60 Show on Youtube).

This makes C60 in olive oil of SES research one of the best and most thrusted, and economical choices for you!


The original Baati/ Paris research shows that rats live almost twice as long when given C60 in olive oil, possibly because this prevents cancer or infectious diseases. Other studies indicate strong improvement in brain functionality in mice. Strong effects are observed on humans, but these are yet to be scientifically determined. Users report different effects of C60 in olive oil, including:

  • Very strong anti-oxidant, helps prevent damage to cells by free radicals
  • Associated with life extension
  • More energy
  • Less sleep needed, better rested
  • Calmer nervous system, less stress
  • Higher libido
  • More youthful and elastic skin
  • Heavier lifting during strength training
  • More repetitions per weight during strength training
  • Longer and faster jogging/ running
  • Faster and better recovery after exposure to UV radiation


The following recommendations can be made from many studies and user experiences:

  • Maintenance dose is 3 to 5 ml C60 in olive oil per day (small teaspoon). Most people experience subtle improvement in overall health and fitness over the longer term.
  • New research shows that a stronger effect is seen when taking a double dose of about 10 ml C60 in olive oil per day for the first 3 months, and then change to the usual 3 to 5 ml per day. In this way C60 always remains present (and active) in your body.
  • For external application we recommend to apply a few drops per day to the area to be treated.
  • Little is yet known about the use of C60 in olive oil together with hydrogen water. This is currently being investigated by both scientists and users, and promises very good results. Our 100 ml bottles contain 20 to 30 teaspoons, to be taken at any time, with or without food.

The functioning of C60 in olive oil has many secrets. It is assumed that C60 in olive oil, as well as hydrogen water, are very powerful antioxidants. Free radicals are captured and oxidation damage is undone. This can remedy chronic inflammation, and in the long term help to restore the body and the cells of tissues and organs to optimal health. C60 in olive oil helps to bring all the cells of your body back to optimal health in a sustainable way. We advise you to be patient and to give it time to do its job.

The health complications that many people are faced with, are the result of years or decades of oxidation damage, and these will not suddenly disappear. The path to health and fitness, depending on the degree of damage that is already there, can be a process of longer period. The correct dosage has not yet been scientifically determined. It seems that the effects can be faster and (somewhat) more extreme at higher doses. So always start with a low dose to test how you react to it!


Unopened in a cool and dark place, C60 in olive oil can be kept for up to two years. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures (higher than room temperature), or exposure to light can shorten this period by a few months. Once opened, we recommend to use within 30-60 days for maximum quality.

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