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  • 5 pieces or more: € 49
  • 10 pieces or more: € 47
  • 20 pieces or more: € 43
  • Highest quality olive oil and C60 from SES research
  • (Only) 3rd party proven fully saturated 0.8 mg/ ml C60 in olive oil solution
  • C60 in olive oil is a superantioxidant and protects against free radicals
  • According to certain studies more than 100-200x stronger than vitamin C
  • Weekly fresh stock from the USA
  • Most reliable origin


Physical decay

Free radicals weaken cells and tissues by means of oxidation. This is one of the main processes, responsible for physical degeneration. Free radicals and oxidation are formed by normal processes in the body, and further increased by bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Even though they seem to be part of everyday life, we can do a lot to reduce their negative effects. We can exercise more, and eat healthy food that contains antioxidants. These are substances that can effectively reduce the damage done by oxidation. We can ingest a whole spectrum of antioxidants by eating a healthy diet.

C60 (99.99% pure Carbon60) in olive oil as a super-antioxidant

C60 is a special molecule formed by 60 carbon atoms, in perfect symmetry. Dissolved in olive oil they can reach almost deep within the tissues and cells of the body. Research shows that C60 is much more effective in neutralizing free radicals than any other know antioxidant. Therefore Carbon 60 in olive oil is seen as strongly life-enhancing. In rats, at least 90% increase in lifespan has been observed. Carbon 60 could be one of the main discoveries for longevity.

The 99.99% pure research grade C60 in olive oil from Carbon60oliveoil.com has a number of important advantages:

  • Highest quality organic olive oil, and 99.99% pure “research grade” C60 powder from SES research
  • Only manufacturer that produces the fully saturated 0,8 mg/ ml C60 in olive oil, as proven by a third party test
  • Carbon60oliveoil.com is the most experienced producer on the market. They have developed a superior production method, exactly mimicking the original research, unmatched by any other producer
  • Robustly packed in strong carton box and extra dark bottle to protect against light and meet standards for international shipping
  • Carbon 60 is a super antioxidant. Some studies show C60 being more than 100x as effective in eliminating free radicals than vitamin C
  • C60 benefits include: anti-inflammatory, protecting the nervous system, increased overall energy, and many other benefits. Carbon 60 in olive oil can dramatically increase longevity!

Manufacturing process

Together with the best ingredients, the manufacturing process of Carbon60oliveoil.com forms the standard for the quality of their C60 in olive oil. All necessary steps of the process are carefully followed and timed. Five grams of C60 (6x the maximal soluble amount) is mixed with 1L of olive oil for two weeks, in a controlled laboratory environment. Hereafter, surplus amount of C60 is removed, the solution is filtered and finally bottled.

A perfect 0,8 mg/ml C60 in olive oil solution, step by step

Using a superior and unique set-up, Carbon60oliveoil.com guarantees a perfect, fully saturated 0,8 mg/ml C60 in olive oil solution (third party proven), by exactly following the Baati process:

  • Five grams of 99.99% pure C60 per 1L olive oil (6x the maximum soluble amount)
  • Mixing (stirring) for 2 weeks in complete darkness and constant conditions
  • Removal of remainder C60 by centrifuging
  • Filtering the clear, fully saturated solution through a 0.22 micron filter
  • Bottling the now sterile fully saturated solution into brown Winchester bottles
  • Packing each bottle in an extremely robust box, which makes damage near impossible, and is fully compliant to
  • international shipping standards for liquids in glass.

Can all C60 in olive oil that you find on the internet be trusted?

The answer is a powerful NO! As you have read, manufacturing C60 in olive oil of superior quality is an expensive and time consuming process. To save time and money, some manufacturers use industrial C60 (not suitable for consumption), a smaller than required amount of C60 or try to cut time by mixing when the color of the oil starts to change. These practices produce an inferior product at best, and a dangerous product at worst.

We always advise to use common sense and buy products of which you can easily track back the origin of the ingredients and manufacturer. Choose C60 in olive oil from Carbon60oliveoil.com, the only manufacturer to have a superior product exactly as promised, proven by a third party test!

Proven quality

The good people of LongeCity compared the concentration of C60 in the product of a number of important producers. Here is an image of the analysis:

C60 concentration comparison
In this test, only our supplier carbon60oliveoil.com delivers the promised concentration C60 in olive oil you are paying for.

Why did our producer test so well? Because they have always followed the procedures of the original Paris study. This means that no concessions have been made in terms of time and money. Therefore, do not settle for a cheaper, inferior product. Choose the fully saturated 0.8 mg/ ml C60 in olive oil from the only producer who has done it exactly right from the beginning.


From the original Baati study we know that rats live at least twice as long when given C60 in olive oil, possibly because it prevents the forming of cancer and/ or inflammatory diseases. Other studies show drastic increase in brain function in mice. People have been reporting great results for the last 5 years, these are still anecdotal.

Users report a wide variety of effects when using carbon 60 in olive oil:

  • Countless times more powerful than most known antioxidants in neutralizing free radicals
  • Better rested with less hours of sleep needed
  • Calmer nervous system, less stressful
  • More elastic and youthful skin
  • Heavier lifting/ more stamina during weight training
  • More speed and stamina when jogging
  • Quicker and better recovery from UV exposure
  • Quicker and better recovery from injury or illness
  • More energy, higher libido
  • Can have dramatic longevity effects


The following recommendations come from research and the many user experiences:

  • Maintenance dose is 3 to 5 ml C60 in olive oil per day (small tea spoon). Most people experience an improvement in overall health and fitness over time
  • Some researchers say that C60 in olive oil works faster when double the dose (10 ml/Day) is taken for the first 3 months, followed by the normal dose thereafter. In this way there is always C60 present in the body
  • For external use, apply a few drops on the area to be treated
  • C60 and H2 (molecular hydrogen) are both powerful antioxidants, and are said to enhance each other’s effectivity Research into this domain is still very early
  • Our 100 ml bottles contain 20 to 30 tea spoons of C60 in olive oil, usually enough for a month. It can be taken any time of day with or without food
  • Can interfere with sleep for those who are sensitive

The effects of carbon 60 in olive oil

C60 in olive oil aims to combat damage done to the body cells and tissues over years, even decades. Even though many people experience immediate effects (depending on sensitivity, level of health and fitness, etc), reversing damage that has manifested over decades will take time. It will also take a clean way of living, which includes clean food, exercise, moderation, enough rest, etc. As with everything, patience is the key and C60 in olive oil is a very strong part of the puzzle in the search for ever better health and fitness!


Unopened in a cool and dark place, C60 in olive oil can be kept for up to two years. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures (higher than room temperature), or exposure to light can shorten this period by a few months. Once opened, we recommend to use within 30-60 days for maximum quality.