H2 Blue Kit



  • 3 pieces or more: € 32
  • 5 pieces or more: € 30
  • Test the H2 content of your hydrogen water yourself by means of titration
  • Most reliable method for testing hydrogen content in your water
  • Economical in use (more than 20x testing)
  • Each drop represents 0.1 mg / L (PPM)
  • Easy to use


Our hydrogen products are the best on the market. We guarantee that our products contain the promised high levels of hydrogen in water. Yet many people find it pleasant and important to test the water they drink themselves so that they can verify the hydrogen content with their own eyes.

Various methods have been developed to determine the content of hydrogen in water. One of these is a device with which the hydrogen content is determined based on the measured redox potential, via a conversion factor. This method is controversial because there appears to be a large deviation. Another method is by titration with the H2 blue kit. This method is currently the most accurate, and we also use it ourselves to constantly test our hydrogen water. The drops are relatively expensive because they contain platinum.

Choose the best way to regularly measure the hydrogen in your water, so that you always know how much hydrogen you get. Measuring is knowing!


Use the blue drops as follows:

1. Rinse the supplied tube a number of times with the hydrogen water to be measured.

2. Fill the tube to 6 ml with hydrogen water. It is best to poor this in one go.

3. Now, drop by drop, add the H2 blue drops (shake the tube carefully now and then). The water will color transparent as long as there is hydrogen in the water. The water turns blue as soon as there is no hydrogen left with which the drops can react. You can test the functionality with normal water, this will turn blue from the first drop, which proves that normal water does not contain molecular hydrogen.

Each drop represents 0.1 mg / L (PPM), so for example 20 drops is 2 mg / L.


The drops stain very strongly! Be very careful with materials and surfaces, and rinse the tube (almost exaggerated) strongly.